Welcome to the Home Page of VAASTHU ARCHITECTS

At VAASTHU Architects we offer a full range of architectural services rendered by experienced professional architects and designers. Our experience covers project types that include healthcare, light industrial, commercial, institutional, and corporate architecture, interior design and project management.

At VAASTHU ARCHITECTS we pride ourselves on delivery of projects that are well designed on all levels while being completed in a timely and efficient manner. From quality of space and form to integration of engineered services, from functionality to aesthetics, all aspects of the project are merged to create the best solution for the client.

Shortly we intend to set up architectural computer drafting and 3D modeling divisions, with competence to take on Offshore outsourcing jobs in the field of Architectural & Structural drafting at competitive prices.

The strength and unique nature of service rests on a successful combination of our design talent, technical expertise and intuitive communication skills.

To date we have successfully served numerous clients on projects.

In each project the emphasis is on clear and total understanding of client needs and requirements. The result is always an elegant design solution that works for its intended purpose and is not compromised by the limitations of construction methods, site conditions or lack of visualization skills on anyone's part.